Quinta de Belamandil is citrus producer located in the southern part of Portugal - the Algarve – region famous for tourism and citrus production.

The production is focused on oranges and mandarins and it ranges from November to July.

The Orange production comprises the varieties Newhall, Navelina, Lanelate, Rhodee Burnfield and Valencia Late.

The mandarin production comprises the varieties Encore, Clemenvilla, Mioro and Freemont.

The all process is managed inhouse, from production to crop and subsequent process in the farm’s warehouse.

All production is done under Integrated Production Mode, being certified by SATIVA, a control body approved by GLOBALG.A.P

Sociedade Agrícola e Comercial Cova da Onça, S.A. | Belamandil Caixa postal 275A 8700-172 Olhão | geral@quintabelamandil.com | (+351) 933 903 327